Runner Profile: 15x Race 13.1 Finisher Amy Enz

21 Dec 2015

Runner Profile: 15x Race 13.1 Finisher Amy Enz

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Amy Enz is one of just seven of our runners who completed 13 or more Race 13.1 half marathons in 2015 ! We’re excited to feature Amy, who actually finished 15 total races with us this year – the most of any Race 13.1 runner – in this month’s runner profile! Click here to see more of our runners who earned their 13x, 7x and 3x bonus medals this year, and check out more Bonus Bling opportunities here!

  1. Amy EnzDid you always plan to run this many Race 13.1 races this year? What motivated you to run this many? I didn’t always plan to run this many Race 13.1 races. I thought the seasons pass was a unique and innovative idea that would allow me to run at least seven of the races. After all the spring races, I discovered the series scoring on the website and saw how many people had run just as many, or more races than I had. I guess the competitive part of me decided then that I’d like to run the most races out of everyone. I love a good challenge!
  2. What do you enjoy about Race 13.1 events? I love that Race 13.1 gives me an affordable opportunity to have mini vacations where I get to try new things, accomplish new challenges and do what I love, to run.
  3. What’s your favorite part of racing? I truly believe runners are just incredible people. Whether you come to win, to raise awareness or money for charity, in a group, as an individual, to lose weight, to maintain weight, to push your limits, to dress up, to have fun or just to enjoy being around amazing people outdoors, everyone truly inspires me and I like being around that energy.
  4. What motivates you to keep racing? There are so many reasons to keep going! There’s always a new challenge to overcome, a new theme to be a part of, an awesome medal to collect or a ‘top’ race to check off the list. I especially like inaugural events and being the first to run that particular course. Most importantly though, running makes me healthy physically and mentally. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of goals because I just keep making new ones!
  5. Speaking of goals, have you set any goals for 2016? I want to become a Marathon Manic (Online Running Club) and Double Agent (when you are qualified as a Marathon Manic and Half Fanatic) by running six half marathons and six full marathons in a six-month time frame!
  6. How long have you been running and racing half marathons? I’ve actually been running cross country and or track since middle school. I was never really fast but I enjoyed running and being part of the team. I was lucky enough to be on teams that didn’t cut people, but I didn’t always compete because that was based on performance. In 2009 I met ‘Coach’ Jake Wade, who changed my life by introducing me to distance running. He inspired me to run my first half marathon in September 2011 and I’ve been hooked ever since! Race 13.1 Durham will be my 49th officially timed half marathon!
  7. What’s your best advice for new runners or runners who are starting to race more? Run your own race. You don’t have to fit into a mold or idea of what a running/training should be like. Go out and enjoy the race for reasons that are important to you and everything will fall into place.
  8. Favorite Race 13.1 event you’ve completed? That’s tough, but I think it would have to come down to Evans, GA or Tallahassee, FL. Those were both very scenic.
  9. Favorite place to run? From nature to neighborhoods with beautiful houses, I love running anywhere scenic.
  10. Favorite post-race meal? My post race meal is always different and that’s part of the fun! I love trying the local food wherever I’m racing. For example after the Asheville Race I went to Farm Burger and after the Tallahassee race I went to Voodoo Dog!
  11. What does your recovery look like with running so many races? This is hard for me to answer, because my answer just isn’t fair. I always tell people I think my magic super power is recovery. I may have soreness after a race that slows me down but when I wake up the next day I’m fine. Must be the post-race chocolate milk!
  12. What goals did you have for this year? Did you accomplish them? I wanted to finish my first 50K ultra, which I did on December 5! I wanted to improve my half fanatics (Online Running Club) status by first running six half marathons in 16 days (Earth status), which I completed. Secondly, by running 13 half marathons in 79 days (Mercury Status). I also wanted to run the most Race 13.1 races, which I accomplished when I crossed the finish line at Race 13.1 Durham.

Congratulations to Amy on a very successful year! We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you!

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